Tadalafil (LiquidCial) for Sustained Male Erections

HCS Tadalafil 20mgs/ml



Hardcore SARMS Tadalafil (LiquidCial) for Erectile Dysfunction and Sustained Male Erections


Tadalafil (LiquidCial) will provide sustained penile erections for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and will improve sexual potencyproviding men with hours of sustained erections during sexual intercourse.

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Hardcore SARMS, Tadalafil (LiquidCial)

20mgs/ml of Tadalafil (LiquidCial) for Erectile Dysfunction and Sustained Male Erections

Each bottle contains 30mls and includes a 1ml pipette that is marked in 1/4ml increments for easy oral dosing

Tadalafil (LiquidCial) is a PED-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme) inhibitor that was originally developed for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and will improve sexual potency, providing men with hours of sustained erections during sexual intercourse.

Tadalafil is often referred to as the ‘weekender‘ due to the days of pleasure it provides and the fact it can be taken many hours before sexual activity is engaged, keeping spontaneity within a relationship or the weekend out about town.

Tadalafil works by preventing the breakdown of cGMP, which allows for the relaxation of smooth muscle and subsequently blood flow to the sexual organs.

Tadalafil’s main benefit over other PED-5 inhibitors such as Viagra and Levitra is it is very selective, in fact is has 700 times the selectivity compared to Viagra. This mean’s that the negative side effects such as headache, pressure behind the eyes, stuffy nose or vision problems are highly negated with Tadalafil.

Users prefer Tadalafil, as once ingested it has an active half life for up to 36 hours compared to the others which have about 4-6 hours.

*This product will take effect within 60 minutes of ingestion.


Dosage for sustained male erectile performance 
The average male dose is 1ml (20mg).
For men with a history of erectile dysfunction, a dose of up to 2mls (40mgs) may be required.
This product is not to be used by females.

Tadalafil is taken as and when needed and can be taken on consecutive days if dosing at 1ml per day. We do not recommend using it two days in a row if dosing at 2mls per day. Remember, its effects last for up to 36 hours, so one full dose will last 2 days.

Consumption of alcohol when using Tadalafil is not recommended, as it will reduce its effects.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Do not use Tadalafil if you have heart problems, have suffered a heart attack, chest pain, angina or had a stroke.

Each bottle contains 30mls, providing 30 plus days of excitement.
Take at least 60 minutes before sexual activity.


How do I take this product?
As with all of our products, Tadalafil is an orally active compound, so for best results it should be squirted into the back of the mouth. You can then swallow some water, juice or other beverage to help diffuse the taste. This process will allow the product to absorb into the throat providing almost 100% bio-availability.


Tadalafil: (6R-trans)-6-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)- 2,3,6,7,12,12a-hexahydro-2-methyl-pyrazino [1’,2’:1,6] pyrido[3,4-b]indole-1,4-dione.
Solvent: Ethanol <1% per volume.
Base Liquid: Polyethylene Glycol.

Store in a drawer or cupboard at room temperature.
DO NOT store in the fridge.
Keep out of direct sunlight.

Shake well before use

For Research Purposes only.

This product is not intended to treat, heal or cure any disease or medical condition

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