RAD140 (Testolone) for Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

HCS RAD140 30mgs/ml



Hardcore SARMS RAD140 (Testolone) for Increasing Lean Muscle Mass


RAD140 produces an incremental increase in lean muscle mass which increases with the dose, making it ideal for bodybuilders and athletes alike.


Hardcore SARMS, RAD140 (Testolone)

30mgs/ml of RAD140 (Testolone) for Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

Each bottle contains 30mls and includes a 1ml pipette that is marked in 1/4ml increments for easy oral dosing.

At 30mgs/ml, our RAD140 has the highest dose per day available on the market, for the best results possible, anywhere.


RAD140 was medically designed to replace testosterone, allowing the body to react the same way it would to a healthy dose of the hormone.

RAD140 produces an incremental increase in lean mass which increases with the dose. At the same time it creates a loss of fat tissue, making it ideal for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Along with the ability to shred body fat and boost lean muscle tissue, RAD140 can also assist in eliminating some of the androgenic side effects which accompany the use of certain anabolics.

RAD140 is also perfect for cutting as it promotes lean tissue gains and the loss of body fat.


RAD140 Side effects 
Some researchers have reported a slight outbreak of acne, if this occurs lower the dosage to a 1/2ml per day. This will alleviate the problem within a week or two.

Some men have reported hair loss when using RAD. This typically only affects a small percentage of males who would normally be susceptible to male pattern baldness. If this occurs, the hair loss will cease within a week of stopping use.

There is also a degree of testosterone suppression with RAD140, and clinical recommendations are for male researchers to run a PCT cycle using Nolvadex to normalise testosterone levels at the end of a training cycle.

Please note – we do not recommend PCT for females. Just take a 4 week break from using this product at the end of your training cycle.


RAD140 characteristics
Scale – zero, mild, medium, high

Muscle Gain: high
Strength Gain: medium
Fat Burning: mild
Endurance: mild
Healing/Recovery: mild
Muscle Preservation: mild
Suppression: medium
Water Retention: zero


Dosage for RAD140 mixed at 30mgs/ml
Please note! these are maximum dosing guidelines and you do not have to dose at the maximum suggested daily dosage. Many customers will find lower dosing levels meets their needs without going to the maximum level and you are less likely to have side effects at lower doses.
The pipettes supplied with our products have graduated markings, with 1ml being the highest and marked down in 1/4 ml increments to make accurate dosing easy.
* If you have not taken this product before, we suggest starting out on half the recommended daily dosing for the first week before moving up to higher dosing levels. Please do not dose higher than the guidelines below.
* If you notice any extreme side effects, stop taking the product immediately and discontinue use.
* If you have any minor side effects, lower the dosage by a half and if the minor side effects don’t cease after a week then cease taking the product.

The average dose is 1ml per day for males and 0.5ml per day for females.
Most males under 25 years of age will find 0.5ml per day is more than adequate and may incur side effects such as acne if they take higher doses. However younger men may still find they need the higher 1ml per day dose if they have a body weight of 80kg or higher or simply due to genetics.

Take in the morning at the same time each day including non-training days.

Each bottle contains 30ml, providing 30 days of use for males and 60 days for females.
Cycle length: 8 to 12 weeks.
Rest between cycles: 4 weeks.


How do I take this SARM?
This product is an orally active compound, so for best results it should be squirted into the back of the mouth. This can be followed by a drink to help diffuse the taste.

If the taste of this SARM is hard to handle or it irritates the throat, the product can be squirted into a protein shake or drink and swallowed but this reduces its bio-availability. So it’s not a choice we recommend.


RAD140: 2-chloro-4-[(1R,2S)-1-[5-(4-cyanophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl]-2-hydroxypropyl]amino-3-methylbenzonitrile.
Solvent: Ethanol.
Base Liquid: Polyethylene Glycol.


Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Do not store in the refrigerator.

Shake well before use

This product is for Research Purposes only and is not intended to treat, heal or cure any disease or medical condition

Hardcore SARMS provides the most advanced muscle gain, endurance enhancing, fat burning and anti-aging Research Supplements available on the market today.


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